All Chicago Acting Schools Aren’t Created Equal

Yesterday I went to my forth acting class in ten years which is why I decided to write a post about it. The acting class I went to was not your typical commercial acting school. I’ve been to those. They charge anywhere from $300 – $400 for a 10 week course. This audition class was out of the teacher’s apartment. As we talked, I found out we studied at the same school under the same voice/acting teacher.

What I like about this acting instructor / class is the services that he offered… Free head shot, free web site, private lessons. In other words, not only was he being competitive with the other schools, I felt he generally gave a damn about his students and it wasn’t about the money.

Here is what I feel a school should offer. However, this is the only acting school in Chicago that offers these services as a part of the fee.

  1. Free Head Shots
  2. Video Recording of Acting Sessions
  3. Free Website
  4. Free Acting Consultation
  5. Free Acting Resources for Auditions and Jobs
  6. A General feeling of really caring.