Making Money Online Video Journal – Day 15

I started my new online store. I picked a drop shipper, registered with them and paid money to become a member.  I also registered my business with my state. This was a cost that I didn’t see coming honestly.

Total investment in new business:

Drop-shipper Membership – $99.00 (3 payment plan)

Registration for a Federal Tax I.D. Number with I.R.S. = $177

Standard Tax ID (EIN) Filing Service $ 128.00
Upgrade to Instant Processing $ 49.00

Total: $ 177.00

Total Business investment so far: $276


Two registrations – 1 hour

Blogging and Video Recording – 1 hour

Total Time Invested: 2 hours




Making Money Online Video Journal – Day 6

I’m writing this blog at the airport. Today I spent probably a total of 15 minutes practicing my drawing. I worked on droid two types of a motion cartoon hands. What’s interesting is how difficult cartoon drawing really is. It looks rather simple but in actuality drawing cartoons requires skill. Below is what I worked on today.